anakrino publishing started life as anakrino press in what seems like a different era. The word “press” sounded too much like I was running a physical printing press, however, so it was replaced with the word “publishing” in recognition of the now archaic “desktop publishing” as well as acknowledging my original intent to self-publish on various topics.

It didn’t take long to realize that even the cost of self-publishing was beyond my reach. I always tell people we weren’t working on a shoestring but the little plastic end of a shoestring (an aglet). In order to defray some of the costs of production I began to study design and printing. Self-taught, I became rather proficient with high-end Adobe graphics tools (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign).

Eager to improve my skills I took various jobs which included the production of graphics for two small printing companies (Gnu Graphics and B&B Printing) plus a few print brokers. I also did the complete graphical production for two local monthly newspapers (The Village News and The Argos Newspaper). Before I knew it I had set up hundreds of business cards, postcards, brochures, posters and lots of odd printed materials.

At the same time I had to learn how to upgrade and repair my own Macintosh Computer, which led to offering Mac services in the Bakersfield area on a very limited basis (and a 2 year stint representing Apple products at the now defunct CompUSA).

I’ll post on topics and experiences related to print publishing and Macs right along with the other stuff. Oh, the name…

I was enamored with the idea of the Bereans having the temerity to question Paul’s teaching and being commended for it! What a contrast with the way questions are normally handled in the church as well as the rest of society.

It seems I wasn’t the only one who felt that way because when I went to see if the name “Berean Publishing” was available I discovered that it was taken, along with Berean Press, Berean Books, Berean Insurance and Berean Automotive.

I was determined to stay with the concept so I took out my trusty Greek study tools (they were called books back then) and pulled the word that meant “to research or investigate” in that passage from Acts 17:11 – anakrino (pronounced an-ak-REE-no). I figured no one else would be using such an obscure name and I was right! Except it breaks ALL the rules of good marketing.

Jimmy :-D

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  1. Very impressive! Good job, Jimmy. :)

    1. Hi Cricket. Thank you for taking a look. The impressive bit is due to the wonders of WordPress and the fellas who created the “theme” that you see. I’m responsible for the content, for which I apologize in advance.

    2. Cool! :)

      1. Thank you. I’m going to attempt 4 or 5 original short articles a week, or 1 long article and two short ones whenever the geocentric apparent (ecliptic) longitudes of the Sun and Moon differ by 180 degrees.

      2. I like your new website and intend on visiting it frequently.

        1. Thank you. Now if I can just figure out this 8-track thingieā€¦

        2. God bless and bring you prosperity Jimmy.

          1. Thank you, and if I get out of line, let me know.

          2. Congratulations on your new venture and may God Bless you with success. My prayers continue for you and your family.

            1. Thank you. I plan on posting some of the most amazing stuff ever published on the internet! Would you believe a few good articles once in a while? How about one pretty good article every year, guaranteed! :-)

            2. Great website Jimmy.

              1. Thank you. The WordPress guys deserve most of the credit. I hope to write a little about the process in the future. You can always test drive a free WordPress site at WordPress dot COM. The site you’re looking at is a little bit different and originates with a hosting company (GoDaddy in this case) and uses software from WordPress dot ORG. I know, it sounds and looks like the same thing. I promise, I’ll explain the difference when I figure it out myself. :-)

              2. I remember those CompUSA days Jimmy…. :o)

                1. Hi Mike. Checked out your website. Glad to see your doin’ well. (Always knew you would.) Keep in touch.

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